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What are we doing here? We’re trying to take you to the small places in Portugal that matter, the destinations that impact the thoughtful traveler.

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Sometimes it seems to me that Portugal is looked at by travelers as a sort of forgotten country. It’s “over there” somewhere. Yet the tourism infrastructure is being upgraded at a rapid rate, and new areas are opening up to tourism every day.

In Portugal, one can go to the Schist Villages and have a real mountain experience. You can walk from town to town as the doctors did making their rounds. You can even take an unguided walk if you’re blind in some of the villages through the use of special pathways linked to stations which inform you electronically of what you’d be seeing if you were a sighted person on that very spot.

And don’t get me started on the cuisine! Those are hearty eaters over there on the edge of Europe, and the kitchens churn out traditional food that will wow you.

Portugal’s system of Pousadas make Luxury lodging in historic structures a not-so-expensive dabble in living well. You won’t get these kinds of bargains in Italy.

So enjoy with us the incredible country which is Portugal.

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