Madeira Island, Reid's Palace, and the Younger Crowd

reids palaceIf you walk into the exquisite Reid’s Palace at around tea time, your eyes are treated to an afternoon tea so sumptuous you will swear you’ve never seen anything like it outside of the odd black and white movie. This is what luxury and gracious living is all about. You’ll find it all over Madeira Island.

But the NYT shows us another side of the island—the nightlife side, which, I have to admit, is also quite compelling.

Amid the blue rinses and the cardigans and the faded paperbacks of Gibbon, amid the occasional cruise-ship load of Canaries-bound or Mediterranean-bound Americans and Germans disgorged onto Madeira for eight hours of shore leave, a sudden din. A bit of pink amid the white. It’s the young. A younger breed of traveler is increasingly drawn to this 35-by-14 mile volcanic island, where new boutique hotels, roads and night life are a beguiling addition to Madeira’s age-old prime asset: spectacular scenery in the form of dramatic sea cliffs and hundreds of miles of levadas, or irrigation channels, that make for terrific hiking. ~ Night Comes Alive in Madeira

Read to the end of the article and there are some good recommendations for a short stay in Madeira.

If you’ve got the dough though, I’d head right over to Reid’s Palace. If you like what you see in the picture above, that is (click to see the picture bigger).

Reid's Palace, Madeira Island

Compare prices on Reid’s Palace. If you have the money, go there. It’s an amazing hotel.


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