Taberna do Largo: Enlightened Eating in Porto

Sir! Your sausage is on fire! Get your Camera!

I always go a bit giddy when I stumble across an occurrence of young people reviving what was once a tiny bit of their parent’s past. It’s not that I’m all that nostalgic, but the world has quickly and quietly gone mad, and a little detour back to the roots under such conditions isn’t such a bad thing.

Taberna do Largo came to be after a years worth of the owner’s wandering of Portugal, looking for the best artisan foods and wine to stock it with. There is barely a need for a kitchen. Instead of a stainless steel grill there’s a little ceramic vessel you just throw a sausage on and light, as you see above.

Yes, people have been figuring out how to preserve meat and milk for millennia. By now, if you don’t let some industrial firm have it’s way with it until your food becomes unimaginably bland, they’ve got it pretty well figured out. Artisan cheese and salumi is head and shoulders above the industrial junk. And the bread! The use of corn meal and flour in the bread of Portugal makes a delightful change from plain ‘ol white bread.

All you have to do is open a space and serve all this up and the enlightened will come.

So that’s what Taberna do Largo does. It’s part of a very good trend. I’ve written about a Roman version of a restaurant like this: Tastevere KmZero and it’s a very popular article. Perhaps you are sick of industrial crap food and want some lovingly treated, preserved animal meat or milk (cheese) to grace your tongue. Well, plan a trip to Europe and let’s start discovering (and investing in the right stuff by putting our money on good food).

taberna do largo entrance pictureAt Taberna do Largo you can discover Portugal’s fabulous and underrated wines as well as the bread, olives (and olive oils), cheeses and meats that make up the cuisine. You don’t have to do it alone. You can do it in a group with Taste Porto Food Tours. Andre treated us well, gave us insight into the culture of Portuguese food as well as the current economic mess the country is in.

If more people jumped into the market with products that took lots of love and care (labor) to produce, maybe the world and its bizarre economic conditions would heal.

Oh, and what’s up with that horrible grab shot of the door up there on the right? That’s how you get into Taberna do Largo. There’s no sign you can read. The older folks around Porto can read it just fine of course. The sprig of Bay leaves over the door tells them that this is a Tavern, a place of restoration for the body and the senses.

Taverna do Largo
Largo de S.Domingos, nº69, Porto, Portugal
Closed Monday

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