Bom Jesus Sanctuary

When you start to feel your car climbing away from sultry plain of Braga, you’ll soon enter a tunnel of trees. There is a feeling of peace, comfort and shade. You press onward in the sudden coolness, until you the twin spires of the Sanctuary appear ahead of you, the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte.

You park and press forward with the other pilgrims, reaching the sanctuary and peering down the ancient staircase—a dizzying array of switchbacks, fountains, meditation stops, statuary, all converging at a distant speck on the landscape, a point indistinct in the bluish haze of summer. You wipe the sweat from your brow before realizing a disturbing fact: penitents arrive exactly here, exactly where you’re standing, by crawling this incredible staircase on their knees.

bom jesus sanctuary
Sanctuary of Bom Jesus: Santuario do Bom Jesus do Monte

Bom Jesus is a short 5 km drive north east of the town of Braga (the signage tends to be confusing—allow more time than you think if you haven’t a good map) in the region of Minho. The sanctuary is built on the side of a hill 400 meters above sea level,

You can get to the Sanctuary by car, a clever water-counterbalanced funicular, or walking (first through a forest path, then up the sprawling staircase that marks the pilgrimage route).

The sanctuary of Bom Jesus was designed by a fellow named Carlos Amarante. Work on it started in 1784. Besides being the most photographed church in Portugal, Bom Jesus features gardens and grottos for quiet meditation. There are a couple of hotels on the site. There is also a Casa das Estampas next to the sanctuary, which has a tiled sign that seems in good shape:

casa das estampas
Tiled Nameplate for Casa das Estampas

But if we happen to zoom in a bit, a new picture emerges. There, scratched into the tiles is a treasure trove of old graffiti from back in the days when people wrote stylishly in cursive.

tile graffiti
Graffiti Scratched into Tiles

Getting to Bom Jesus Sanctuary by Funicular

Santuario do Bom Jesus do Monte is served by an old, water counterbalancing funicular that will take you nearly 300 meters up the 400 meter hill to the pilgrimage site of Bom Jesus. Built in 1882, it moves by loading water into the car at the top of the hill, which weighs it down so it sinks to the bottom, at the same time drawing the lighter, drained car up the hill, where the process starts all over again.

Bom Jesus – The Way of the Cross Granite Staircase

Building of the staircase you see in the picture above was begun in 1722 under the archbishop of Braga. The stairway pays homage to the five senses and the three virtues (Faith, Hope and Chastity) by snaking through a series of themed statues and fountains. Each landing has a fountain. At the base of the stairs is a section of patterned pavement with benches featuring a good view of the Braga plain on a clear day.

During Holy Week (the week before Easter ending on Easter Sunday), the Baroque stairway is climbed by penitents on their hands and knees.

Hotels on Bom Jesus do Monte

Two hotels are found on the hill near the sanctuary, Hotel do Elevador and Hotel do Parque. They are under the same ownership. These hotels are quite reasonably priced, especially in the off season. There is a fine restaurant with a view of the valley in the Hotel do Elevador.

Attractions Nearby the Bom Jesus Sanctuary

Besides Braga, featuring its 12th century cathedral and an amazing fountain with light show, there’s also the interesting towns of Barcelos, 14 miles west of Braga, Viana de Castelo on the east coast of Portugal, and Ponte de Lima, 12 miles upriver from Braga. Nearby Citania de Briteiros is the site of a restored Celtic hill settlement dating from 500 BC.

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