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Chanfana is a goat stew, often done with lamb or kid these days, that is easy to make if you’d like a taste of Portugal.

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Chanfana is a traditional Portuguese stew made from rather old goat, although nowadays, you’ll often find lamb or kid versions, as the meat is easier to find. It’s a simple dish that embraces both simplicity and, if you’ll forgive an Italian phrase, Cucina Povera, the cooking of the poor.

I thought of this as I watched the video from SBS food, called Chanfana recipe.

chanfana schist villages

The picture shows the Chanfana we had (along with roasted potatoes) in one of the Schist Villages in Portugal’s Centro region.

I’ve often wondered why more Americans don’t cook—and why they always cite “I don’t have the time” when real cooking is so darned easy. Or at least the traditional foods of Portugal or Italy are easy. If you watch the video, you’ll see that nothing is measured in a measuring cup or spoon, and the parsley isn’t even chopped, as “the stems have more flavor than the leaves.” Yes, you just throw them in, how hard is that?

They show you how to cook Chanfana in—are you ready?—Three minutes and 25.45 seconds. You can’t microwave and unwrap a TV dinner in that time.

Get cooking. The food of Portugal has few rivals.

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