Sete Cidades Hiking and Pictures

Sete Cidades looking down into the caldera.

Brilliant Trips has an interesting article about Hiking Sete Cidades in the Azores. Sete Cidades is a volcanic lake on the island of São Miguel. The name refers to seven cities (or tribes). It’s one of the Earth’s beauty spots, and like most, volcanic in origin.

Sete Cidades Milk Delivery System

Is the area rural? Well, cows graze the slopes—and you might be surprised to find out that milk is one of the top export products of the Azores, centered on the island of São Miguel. Folks transport raw milk, which is immediately tested by scientists, to small stations in the country, often by horse drawn cart, as you see in the picture. It’s made into cheese, butter, and powdered milk for export. Of course, you can just pour yourself a glass—it’s excellent stuff.

Sete Cidades shopping picture

Although I toured Sete Cidades by car, I can imagine it would make a fine place to hike, so peppered with picture points you’d never stop clicking that shutter—and the weather patterns help change the backdrop at a moment’s notice, according to Jacob Odencrantz:

The effects of the combination of high altitudes and the powerful weather patterns of the mid-Atlantic are as much something to experience as are the spectacular heights, gorgeous shores and green valleys of the Azores. ~ Hiking Sete Cidades

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Location of the town of Sete Cidades and the Lakes:

lat/long: 37.8589492,-25.7944989

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