Lisbon: Famous Hotel Restaurants

If you’re a budget conscious traveler who still wants to live the good life, why go to an expensive city and then pinch pennies on the things that matter to you? Lisbon is one of Europe’s least expensive cities, and the cuisine has never been better. For my money, Portugal’s cuisine is every bit as compelling as Italy’s.

From the 30th of October to November 5th, 2010, ten of Lisbon’s top chefs will be presenting some of their most creative menus in their restaurants. Four of them work in hotel restaurants, which is interesting to me. Why? Because I’ve been reading on the web lately about the decline of hotel restaurants, and how hotel folks are interested in discontinuing their restaurant services.

For me, having a fine restaurant inside my hotel means I can come home worn out from traipsing around doing tourist things in the day, get cleaned up and just take the elevator to a fine restaurant. In the off season, especially, I don’t have to worry about the weather, or drinking too much wine. So I’m glad Lisbon offers these restaurants. Here are the chefs, their restaurants, and links to the hotels, where you can book or just find more information (and user reviews).

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