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So what are the Seven Wonders of Portuguese cuisine? Believe me, there are far more than 7!

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If you haven’t been here before, you might not know how delicious Portuguese food is. The foodie in you might lean toward Italy’s cucina povera or even France’s high cuisine or the Basque cooking of Spain and France. Believe me, you can’t pass up the traditional cooking of Portugal these days.

Portugal is currently trying to pick from a short list of 21 entries the top seven to be included in The Seven Wonders of Portuguese Cuisine.

The short list is curiously devoid of one of my faves: Pork and Clams. I’d also include the simple grilling of a slice of pata negra, the black footed Iberian pig that tastes nothing remotely resembling the“other white meat” cut from American industrial crap pork.

But hey, included is the hearty caldo verde and chanfana the iconic dish of stewed goat (read more about chanfana).

And who could roam the generous coast of Portugal and not think of sitting on the terrace of a seaside restaurant and chowing down on a pile of sardinha assada (otherwise known as grilled sardines)?

My favorite thing on the list? Queijo do Serra, the very famous cheese of the Serra da Estrela mountain range. The tradition is fading fast, so Visiting Serra da Estrela and eating the cheese might save it.

For how this list turned out, see The Portugalist: The Seven Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy

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