Barcelos Market

Visit the Largest Market in Portugal

barcelos cockerel
The Barcelos Cockerel for sale in the market

The open air market in Barcelos is the largest in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe. The tree-lined Campo da Republica is a huge public square devoted to the Thursday market. Barcelos isn’t that big, but folks come from everywhere to go to the market which offers a little of everything, from food to crafts, clothing, the renowned pottery of Barcelos and the symbol of the Minho region (and perhaps the whole of Portugal), the Barcelos Cockerel, seen to the right (click to the the pictures larger).

barcelos market fruits and vegetables
Barcelos Market fruits and vegetables

According to legend, a roasted Barcelos Cockerel in the process of being eaten by a judge is is supposed to have saved the life of a traveler wrongly accused of theft by rising up and crowing his innocence.

Get to the market early, especially if you’re arriving by car; by mid-morning the place is packed in summer. You’ll be able to attend the market, then see the rest of the attractive center of Barcelos.

barcelos market
The Barcelos Market

Barcelos is found in the Minho region in the northwest corner of Portugal. See a Minho map for the location of Barcelos.

Don’t miss out on the open-air archaeological museum when you’re in Barcelos. You can have a great summer’s day in Barcelos without ever going inside.

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