Tascas in Lisbon

Portugal Daily View has come up with the kind of post I can get excited over. Sure, everyone knows the palaces of high cuisine. Their virtues get passed on like a foodie plague. But anyone who’s tasted a mussel fresh from the sea knows that with good ingredients food can be incredibly simple and still make you happy without the cost of having a chef at the helm. Tavern food in Europe; I love it!

So, here’s the post that you must bookmark and save for your trip to Lisbon: Tascas: A short guide to Lisbon’s no-frills eateries.

I also love the idea of “fado vadio (literally, vagrant fado)” I’ve seen some of the big fado shows with noisy coach tour groups at the foot of the stage, yammering away as the musicians struggle to be heard. It’s not often you can get a humongous busload of humanity to agree to listen quietly.

But not in these little taverns:

The owner and founder of A Baiuca, Henrique Gascon, also stresses that silence must be strictly observed during a fado performance.

Hurray for Henrique! Someday I will shake the man’s hand.

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