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  • Chaves is a spa town in the extreme north of Portugal, near the border with Spain.

  • Ponte de Lima is Portugal’s oldest town, with a beautiful historic center to visit.

  • Travel guide to Guimarães in the Norte region of Portugal, Portugal’s first capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved medieval center.

  • The Norte region of Portugal has a unique wine called Vinho dos Mortos, wine of the dead. Make the pilgrimage, then continue the itinerary to the border town of Chaves.

  • Visit Portugal’s most photographed church outside of the town of Braga in the north of Portugal.

  • Guide to the small border village of Miranda do Douro, a whitewashed village with a great cathedral, wonderful folk museum, and a castle. And the steaks are thick…

  • Porto was named the European Best Destination in 2017. Never has the choice of the winning city been so unanimous among travelers from all over the world. You should plan to go.

  • Arouca Geopark, in Portugal’s Norte region (see: Region Map) was the site of a recent conference on Geotourism in Action.