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  • Introduction to the tropical islands that are really volcanoes way out there in the Atlantic just 4 hours out of Boston. This just might be the paradise of which you search, dear reader.

  • The Madeira Islands, known for their wine, colorful gardens, stunning coastlines and more, make a fine destination for wandering travelers.

  • How big is Portugal? See it on a map overlaid upon a map of the United States and find out population and other statistics about Portugal.

  • Aveiro is the Centro region’s second largest city and a very pleasant one to visit. Great food, architecture, artisan ice cream and a special desert you’ll come to crave are just a few of the things you might enjoy in Aveiro.

  • Portugal isn't cheap, but if you head for the pleasant lesser-known cities like Aveiro you can live well and cheaply.
  • Mention the village of Tentúgal and if you don't get a blank stare you might get a glimmer of recognition for the pastry the town is famous for: Pastel de Tentúgal. But there's more. Way more.
  • What distinguishes the Roman site of Conimbriga from other sites is the well-preserved (and restored) mosaics in place. Just don’t go on Monday, when it’s closed.

  • The Rota Vicentia is 230 kms of trail along the southwestern coast of Portugal, much of it in the Alentejo region. There are really two routes, the inland route and the fisherman’s route.

  • The good things in life aren’t far away when you’re in Portugal

  • Who has the best wild boar recipe, Italy or Portugal?