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The Hotel Quinta das Lagrimas is our top hotel pick for Coimbra.

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coimbra gardenIt’s great to stay near the university in Coimbra, where a short walk will get you to many fine restaurants and Fado bars, but when I walked across the river to see the garden I was smitten. The garden is called Quinta das Lagrimas (Estate of Tears). Appropriate, no?

But behind that garden is a fine hotel, the Hotel Quinta das Lagrimas, which I wish I would have stayed at back then. The restaurant called Arcadas da Capela has garnered a Michelin star with its seasonal fare.

The place has a sad history:

It was at the Quinta that in the XIVth-century Prince Pedro and Inês de Castro lived their forbidden love affair. Legend says that it was here that Inês cried for the last time, while being pierced by the daggers of the killers sent by King Afonso, Pedro’s father. Her blood still colors the stone-bed of the fountain that was born of her tears—the tears that gave the name to this romantic estate.

And what more do you need: golf, a garden spa, and those botanical gardens.

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