Portugal Weather: When to Go

Portugal’s climate is temperate, largely influenced by the presence of the Atlantic Ocean on its west coast.

Rain is more prevalent in the north, especially during the months of November through March. In summer the presence of the Azores High bestows upon Portugal sunny weather that’s not particularly sweltering.

In winter the weather along the coast is moderated by the sea. Inland can be colder. There will be periods of rain and winds. It can snow inland in the central and northern regions.

When to Go to Portugal

Assuming you don’t want to bring rain gear and a down jacket on your vacation, winter isn’t a particularly good time to go. For those who like warm temperatures and endless sunshine, the summer season might turn out to be perfect. For the rest of us, shoulder season (Apr–Jun & Sep–Nov) offers the best compromise. The cooler weather may entice you to see the wildflowers on a walk in the countryside. Prices may be a bit less then summer tariffs. By June festival season has commenced.

For swimming and sunbathing July and August can’t be beat. The Atlantic shores aren’t particularly warm though, even during this period.

Current Temperatures in Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula

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