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Historic climate information for planning a trip to Porto, Portugal.

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Porto’s weather is moderated by its location on the Atlantic. Although Porto’s temperature range is similar to Lisbon, Porto has twice as much rain in the rainy season than Lisbon, due to its location in the north of Portugal. Between June and September, Porto is pretty warm, and the chance of rain is slight.

Porto Average Temperatures

Take a look at the average temperatures throughout the year for Porto, Portugal. Summer days are warm, and the night time temperature is quite pleasant. The current conditions for Porto are shown in the widget to the right.

porto historic high and low temperatures
Porto, Portugal historic high and low temperatures

Porto Precipitation (Mostly Rainfall)

Below is the average precipitation during the year in Porto, Portugal

porto precipitation, porto rainfall
Porto, Portugal average precipitation (rainfall)

We hope this weather and historic climate information helps you plan your trip to Porto, Portugal.


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