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Coimbra, Portugal weather and historic climate for the traveler, including average temperature and precipitation graphs.

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Coimbra sits at an elevation of 459 feet on a hill along the Mondego River in central Portugal. It has one of Europe’s oldest universities, and a visit to the university library is a must.

Coimbra’s summer temperatures are quite hot in the peaks found in July and August, but the span of temperatures shown on the graph shows a nice cooling off at night. The ideal time to visit Coimbra would be in May or June, when the temperatures are moderate and the festival season is starting—on the first Thursday in May there’s the Burning the Ribbons festival, Queima das Fitas, in which students celebrate their success by burning the ribbons on their gowns and the sounds of the distinctive Coimbra fado fills the squares.

Coimbra Average Temperatures

Below is the graph that will show you the average temperatures you’re likely to encounter on your visit to Coimbra.

Coimbra Average Temperatures
Coimbra Average Temperatures Graph

Coimbra Average Precipitation

Coimbra’s precipitation falls mainly as rain in the winter months, as you can see from our precipitation graph below.

coimbra portugal average rainfall graph
Coimbra Average Rainfall Graph

We hope this information helps you plan a trip to Coimbra.

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