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Faro, Portugal, weather and historical climate information for planning a vacation in Faro or the Algarve.

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Faro is the largest city and administration center for the Algarve region of Portugal. There are many reasons for folks to retire near here, as the moderate temperatures shown on our average yearly temperature graph show.

Faro Average Temperatures

Faro’s proximity to the Ocean moderates summer temperatures, but notice that the lows, even in winter, are only moderately chilly. Is this the ideal weather for year around vacationing?

faro average temperature graph
Faro, Portugal average yearly temperature graph

Faro Rainfall

The rain in Faro falls mainly in the winter, but even those amounts are moderate. There is virtually no rain to be expected in August.

faro rainfall graph
Faro, Portugal rainfall graph

We hope these Faro rainfall and temperature graphs help you plan a vacation (or retirement!) in Faro and the Algarve.

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