A Brasileira, Porto Shut to Become a Hotel

The former cafe called "A Brasileira"

A Brasileira, Porto’s venerable cafe and restaurant is shut.

We were strolling Porto with Andre of Taste Porto Food Tours when we came across the famous cafe’s sumptuous emptiness. Andre lamented its passing, told a few stories, then informed us that there was a proposal to turn the building into a hotel and restaurant. He did not seem confident that this project would take place.

In the silence that followed, Andre strolled to the door, shielded the light with his hands, and let out a yelp of joy.

There on the back wall was the news. “A Brasileira: Hotel – Restaurant – Cafeteria” was announced on a coffee-colored, printed sign which matches the style of the web site listed below the title.

We await the good news. There’s an economic crisis on, you know, and every bit of money that can be wrestled from enormous banks hiding their shekels under a basket is good news for economic growth. So here, check out the project: A Brasileira (in Portuguese, but there’s plenty of pictures of the proposed project).

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