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Where to Stay in Lisbon, Portugal | Lisbon's Top Hotels

The Independent has a feature called Weekly hotels top five of five – Portugal this week, noting that:

Lisbon is almost halfway through its ambitious Portugal Arte festival this week, a newly created event designed to bring original art by Portuguese artists closer to the public.

Their top 5 Lisbon Hotels are listed in order as:

1 Britania Hotel
2 Altis Belem
3 Heritage Av Liberdade
4 Lapa Palace
5 Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade

Britania Hotel gets a 9.4 / 10 rating from users of, a very good score from almost 40 people, but it’s beaten out by Chiado 16, which get’s a stunning 9.9 score from 9 persons staying there.

The Altis Belem is a great choice if you want to be in the Belem district and have the money to stay. It gets a 8.9 rating from 180 people.

The Heritage Av Liberdade ranks at 9.3; it’s a 4 star hotel.

I had a very enjoyable stay at the Lapa Palace last year. It has a fine restaurant and top notch staff. It gets an even 9 rating from guests.

And finally, the Sofital Lisbon Liberdade gets a rating of an even 9 from its guests, and, on this list, represents a bit of a bargain.

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