Cheap Place to Stay in Lisbon?

Looking for a cheap place to stay in Lisbon? A hostel perhaps? Does a mansion for Backpackers sound good?

Oasis Backpackers Mansion Lisboa (Lisbon) sounds good to Robert Savage, who picked it as one of his favorite Ten hostels in Europe for under £15

The staff at this mansion conversion also dish out free Portuguese lessons, complimentary Wi-Fi and Skype phones, not to mention directions to nearby beaches yet to be marked on the tourist trail.

And that’s not all. The Oasis, with its 93% approval rating by visitors, also offers:

If it’s surf you’re after. We have it covered with 1-3 days surf safaris. Former world competition surfer will pick you up at our door and take you where ever the conditions are best. Includes transportation, 2 hours lesson, 2 hours supervised free surf and all equipment each day.

Not so mention something you have to do at least once in Lisbon:

Free Fado Excursions every Monday and Wednesday!

Check out the Oasis Backpackers Mansion Lisboa

(Check Lisbon Weather and Climate, then make a reservation at the Oasis or choose another hostel in Lisbon.)

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