Algarve Birdwatching Festival

From September 30 to October 3rd the Algarve Birdwatching Festival will be held. The Municipality of Vila do Bispo in partnership with the Association Almargem and SPEA have planned a program full of activities directed to different audiences, to make known some of these winged symbols of the region (See our Algarve Map for locations of Vila do Bispo and Sagres.) Field trips for beginners, boat trips, the monitoring experts, thematic lectures, workshops, games, discussions, activities of environmental education are just a few of the activities.

On the Sagres coastal area more than 20 species of seabirds can be seen, including petrels, shearwaters, skuas, terns, gulls, etc.. The difficulty in their identification is mostly related with the difficulty to observe them closely from land. Therefore, in this workshop, participants can complement the knowledge acquired in the theoretical part with a boat trip to watch closely migrating species. The activity is carried out in partnership with Mar Ilimitado and enrollment is limited! More information on the activities section of our website! Participate!

Discounts on hotels and food are available to participants

For more information see the Festival web page. The page is in English but many of the activities aren’t planned to be in English, but arrangement can be made by the organizers, according to the web site.

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