Foz Coa Night Tours - Where to Stay

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the archaeological rock art site of Foz Coa in northeastern Portugal, I’ve just discovered a fine way to tour the sites after dark.

Cisterna: Casa de Campo is a guesthouse south of Foz Coa. The owners, Ana and Antonio are Lisbon biologists who settled in Castelo Rodrigo to create their historic luxury condominium; they even made the town’s old cistern into the condo’s swimming pool. Ana is authorized to guide you on a unique after dark tour to see the ancient rock engravings at Foz Coa.

As a former archaeologist, I can tell you that seeing the carved rock art with a powerful flashlight (torch) in the otherwise darkness can be the best way of viewing the it. Diffused light of day dims the chiaroscuro effect.

So, this sounds like an interesting way to spend a few days in Portugal.

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