Visiting Conimbriga

conimbriga museum pictureConimbriga is a well-preserved roman archaeological site within a short drive from Coimbra. The site has been excavated since the turn of the 20th century, so the excavations are well documented.

There are several baths, a forum, city walls and habitations to visit. What distinguishes Conimbriga from other sites is the well-preserved (and restored) mosaics in place.

The museum is also well worth a visit as well. It’s not just a jumble of everything found over the years, but a well-presented view of life in Roman times, offering a viewing of select artifacts in context with others of similar usage.

Don’t go on Monday, when the site is closed.

There is a small cafe here as well, but we recommend eating in the newer town to the north, Condeixa-a-Nova. Our choice for a quick meal is marked on the map. Restaurante Churrasqueira Veloso has take-out grilled meats and salads, but there’s a lively little restaurant inside as well. You’ll get away cheap and you won’t go away hungry, that’s for sure.

How to Get to Conimbriga from Coimbra

The drive from Coimbra to Conimbriga on the N1/IC3 is about 17.6 km and passes through Condeixa-a-Nova. If your GPS doesn’t register Conimbriga (ours didn’t), use Condeixa-a-Nova and follow the signs.

Where to Stay in Style

Hotel Pousada de Condeixa-a-Nova will pay attention to your comfort in historical surroundings.

Pictures of Conimbriga and the Mosaics

conimbriga floor mosaic conimbriga hunter mosaic picture conimbriga portugal conimbriga wall


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