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Portugal Now: Inexpensive Food, Relaxing Places

We came across this item via twitter this morning:

Post Office Travel Money research unveils Portugal as best value destination for family meals ~ Post Office Travel Money research

I have no idea whose Post Office researches these things, but the data they’ve dredged up is darned interesting. It seems that the price of a restaurant meal in Portugal has plummeted, dropping “dropped 47 per cent since last July.”

Holy Pork and Clams, Batman! That’s a lot! And it was a good value when I was there this spring!

And the food is good, too.

Our second news item comes via everybody’s travel guru Rick Steves, who, if he were actually on vacation, tells us he’d go to the Algarve village of Salema to chill out—so we’ve added his recommendation to our Algarve Map

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