New Algarve Walking Trail - Via Algarviana

The Via Algarviana is a 240 km long foot path running east-west between Alcoutim on the Spanish border to Cape Saint Vincent on the west coast, a path which cuts through the heart of the rural Algarve.

The upgraded trail, meant to be the backbone of a trail system in the Algarve, is rapidly progressing toward completion. When it’s done it will become part of the Trans-European Paths, connecting with E4 and E9.

The Via Algarviana has an informative web site in English. You can follow the progress of the path and view pictures. They’ll send you a PDF version of the guide via email. See: Via Algarviana

For those who prefer tours, they’re listed on the We Recommend page.

Resources: Algarve Map | Algarve Weather and Climate: Faro, Sagres

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