Pig Pilgrimage: Mealhada, Portugal

Iberia is definitely the place for eating pig. If you’ve never stuck a fork into a slab of Pata Negra—black footed pig—simply grilled over a wood fire, you haven’t lived.

But then there’s suckling pig roasted in a wood oven. Did you know there’s a small town in Portugal that has a dozen or so restuarants lining its main road that specialize in leitão assado?

Leitão assado is to be found on menus throughout Portugal but, if you want to experience the dish at its very best, you should head to the Bairrada wine region and in particular to the small town of Mealhada, about half way up the country around 10 miles from the coast.

Simon Majumdar spills the beans on this interesting town in Go the whole hog in Portugal

Below is the map. I’m hungry!

Location of Mealhada

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