Portugal's Fast Trains - Alfa Pendular

Portugal’s fast trains are called Alfa Pendular. They go 140 miles per hour (220km/h) maximum on special track and are based on the Italian Pendolino tilting trains.

The Alfa Pendular offers premium service between Braga in the north to Faro in the South, stopping at Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon. AP or Alfa Pendular stations are marked in orange on our Portugal Rail Map.

There are special areas set aside for passengers with reduced mobility: lifts for wheel chairs and “properly equipped” toilets.

You will pay a premium for this service over the IC or InterCity service in Portugal. Seat reservations are mandatory. The IC trains stop at more stations than the Alfa Pendular trains.

Portugal’s trains, in general, cost less than in other European countries. You can check ticket prices on the CP Website.

A Portugal rail pass may save you money when traveling through Portugal on the train.

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