The Portuguese Way With Wild Boar

Everyone seems to like Italian food. I certainly do. But the wild boar in Italy is often overshadowed by heavy sauces. I prefer the Portuguese way with the wild pig, especially how they do it in the Schist Villages at Casa do Zé Sapateiro.

Which leads me to a Portuguese culinary site in the English language, fairly rare, called “A Portuguese Dish”. I particularly like the current post, Braised wild boar with corn stew: Casa do Lago.

The dish provides yet another variation on polenta.

“In times of scarcity when there was no rice and to vary from the potatoes, the corn was coarsely ground after soaking in two different water baths it was cooked like rice. Normally to the cooking one should always add a piece of fat meat, such as belly fat. When one adds more meats or sausages to the stew, it is a main course known as Rich Corns. This corn was ground in a traditional mill, powered by water. For us it is important because we don’t want corn flour, but the right grind”.

Interesting the variations on a single ingredient, eh?

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