Capela de São Gonçalinho in Aveiro

A Gleaming Capela de São Gonçalinho in Aveiro

There is precious little information on the web about a very interesting place in Aveiro, the Capela de São Gonçalinho, shown above.

aveiro chapel and statue pictureBuilt in the 18th century (the date scribed on one of the portals indicates 1714) the gleaming, white hexagonal chapel features a tiled dome and and very interesting stone work at ground level, forming a little square ringed by colorful houses. On the opposite side of the square is a recently produced statue I can’t find information on.

The chapel is named after the patron saint of Aveiro, São Gonçalinho, who is celebrated in a Festival on the second week of January in Aveiro.

If you like food in an atmosphere loaded the “good things to look at”, then the chapel should be seen on your way to the canal-side restaurant called Salpoente. This is one innovative restaurant which will convince you that the locals know what they’re talking about when they speak of their love for salt cod, bacalhau. There are other things to eat at Salpoente, of course, just in case.

When asked why the Portuguese liked salt cod so much, I expected the Vasco Amaro, the manager of Salpoente to hem and haw a bit. But no, Mr. Amaro didn’t hesitate to reveal that the cod was, when you cooked it, simply a white fish with no particularly distinct flavors. But when you salt it to preserve the flesh by removing the liquid content, the process adds texture and concentrates the flavor, becoming something a cook can use in hundreds of ways. And the Portuguese do just that.

And finally, on our map we’ve marked the one Hotel to stay in while you visit Aveiro, Hotel Moliceiro. It’s right on the canal and features a great staff who’ll make your stay quite comfortable.

Map of Aveiro

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